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Be Careful Which Discontent You Choose

~Joel’s blog

“Now is the winter of our discontent”

Don’t worry. This blog isn’t about Shakespeare. It’s also not about Richard The Third, Act 1, scene 1. It’s about the way so many—so many—people are feeling this winter.

“Will this winter never end?”

If you pay attention to the national weather, you know it’s been an unusually harsh winter. Even if you only follow local weather, you know that southwest Idaho has broken all records for snowfall. So, there’s plenty to be discontent over when it comes to weather.

But you already figured out that despite record-breaking winter weather harshness, this isn’t about that kind of discontent. No, if only. I’m writing about…deep breath…politics. For this is the winter of our political discontent, the likes of which few have ever seen.

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Why Patience & Purpose Need Each Other

~Joel’s Blog

The following is an excerpt from our upcoming book, Prepare For Rain; The Ten Essential Steps For Creating The Life You Want.

Living Out Your Purpose…

For many of us, life really is good. But we forget that. Our simple daily struggles cloud our vision. Our expectations for more…for easier…for faster…for whatever…get in the way of celebrating what we already have. There are exceptions, of course. Sometimes those that struggle with major health issues, financial strains, and relational ruin, seem to have greater access to genuine thanksgiving for the things they do have. It’s as if the severe pressures they face deepen their appreciation for the good in their lives.

Still, the reason we are so often reminded to live with an “attitude of gratitude” is because too often we don’t. Patience can be tricky.

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