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Stop “Listening” and Start Listening

~Janet’s Blog

Listening = Open & Shut Case

Hearing is easy. Listening is work. You know that lovely mouth that God blessed you with? Sometimes, you just have to shut it!

That may sound harsh but, seriously, one of the best gifts we can give to anyone–family, friend or stranger–is our listening ears. Not our motor-mouths.

Our focus here is especially on communicating well with our kids, but we’ll get there by looking first at listening, in more general terms.

We have all seen many versions of “listening.” And we have, all of us, used each of these ways. Let’s take a look at them.

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Plans? What Plans?

~Joel’s Blog

Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One

Have you heard the quote

“Life is what happens after you’ve made plans”?

It’s true, isn’t it?

You made plans. Then, poof! How many times has this happened to you? Just when you think you have plans—it’s scheduled, in flow, settled, decided, prepared for, whatever—something unexpected comes along and, boom! A shift happens. Sometimes the shift is like a slight tremor. Noteworthy, maybe, but not too alarming. Other times, that shift can hit you like an earthquake.

Isn’t it odd how, once in a while, a really good thing can shake your life to its foundations? Even topple your clever plans.

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When You Want To Quit, Don’t

~Joel’s Blog

I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise.

~Abraham Lincoln

It’s the core of the American Dream:

Choose your path. Strike out. Stake your claim. Do it (cue Sinatra) your way. Work your fingers to the bone. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Seize the day. Make your dent upon the universe.

To which I sometimes declare…

Meh. Can you supersize that with fries, please?


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Our Team

The team who make Prepare for Rain a success.

  • Joel Lund

    Joel Lund

    Joel is the co-founder of Prepare For Rain, LLC. He is a strong innovator and wears several hats: chief visionary officer leaks into all aspects of the business. He’s a serial entrepreneur, speaker and award-winning author (in non-fiction and fiction). He’s a dual-certified business and life coach, specializing in guiding his clients to easily tap into a few key resources so that they perform their mission beyond what they believed was possible.

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  • Janet Lund

    Janet Lund

    Janet is an accomplished singer-songwriter. Her style is best-described as Americana, but she easily switches out to blues, tossing in a little country or pop along the way. You can find 20 examples on iTunes. The themes that show up in her music touch on meeting life’s challenges with grace and humor, providing hope even in the darkest hours.

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  • Jessica Lund

    Jessica Lund

    Jessica Lund is a highly creative designer and writer. Her 1st novel, NeverSeen, was published at age 17, under her pen name, Taylor Hunter. Her movie trailer, Gargyrl, placed in the top 5 in CapEd’s 2014 Movie Trailer Competition. Jessica’s role at Prepare For Rain primarily centers around design and layout.
  • Bronx


    Bronx is the head of security for Prepare For Rain. He moonlights as an occasional assayer (“taster” in English), in a role related to security. At least, it seems to be to him. He remains silent on the subject.

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