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Prepare For Rain

Prepare For Rain is for everyone seeking to move towards their goals…in a positive way. Many people work very hard at getting “unstuck” and moving away from things they don’t like, things they want to change in their lives. But having a negative motivation is difficult. Rather, how different would it be to charge after your dreams and most heartfelt aspirations? The motivation would be much stronger, wouldn’t it? So, whether you are in the public or private sector, wear a white, blue, green or clerical collar, are young or seasoned, feel artistic or not, this is a place where people can grow. Including you.

When your business, personal or spiritual life has been in drought, you need a season of renewal. It is time to prepare for rain.

Prepare for rain?

The idea of “preparing for rain” can be found many places in the Bible. Psalm 147 provides a great example:
He covers the heavens with clouds;
  he prepares rain for the earth;
  he makes grass grow on the hills.
God provides for the earth and its inhabitants. There is a story about two farmers, referenced in the movie Facing The Giants, dealing with a severe drought. Both farmers prayed for rain. God said He’d deliver it. But only one farmer actually went out and plowed his field (becoming ready—actually preparing—for the promised rain). So, fundamentally, we invite you to enter in and explore your own life and future…with the ultimate question being: are you willing to risk “preparing for rain”… making changes, facing issues, exploring options, challenging your fears, etc? We hope so. We invite you to come on in. Explore. Engage. Evolve. Prepare for rain.

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We invite you to roam around our site. Get acquainted with what resources are here already (blogs, books, music, etc.). Know that we are expanding those resources nearly every day.

If you would like a little guidance, you might try these options:

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