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You, Purposeful

Prepare For Rain…
Where Dreamers Become Doers

~ everything you need to live your life—
of purpose, for purpose, on purpose ~

A Compass for Your Pathway

In Times of Confusion & Stress…

  • Having clarity is essential.
  • Keeping your bearings is key.
  • You need a compass, for sure.
  • But first, you need to have a map.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: What is your destination?

Begin Taking Steps Forward > > >


You, Reimagined


Your value comes from inside you. That’s our starting point.


You, Renewed


  • Renew your vision
  • Recover your passion
  • Supercharge your grit
  • Discover your purpose
  • Nurture your strengths
  • Reconnect with your dreams

Helping You Live Purposefully

Personally. Professionally.

  • assessments, quizzes & pathfinding tools
  • goal-setting action guides
  • group coaching
  • one-to-one coaching
  • team coaching
  • priority management resources

We’ve Designed Everything Around

Empowering You

 to live your life—
of purpose, for purpose, on purpose.

Dump confusion. Walk away from regrets. Lean in.
It’s never too late to start. It’s never too early, either.

Get started today.

Ready to Reach Higher?

Awesome! Prepare for Rain…

We’ve got tools and resources…and more coming online in the near future.

Start Growing!

Download our power-packed little ebook, “Reclaim Your Purpose,” and start fulfilling your life’s deeper purpose.

This whitepaper dives into the 10 simple steps to empower you Prepare for Rain in your life.

Get your special download by clicking on the link below.

Keep Going!

Check out these power tools.

"Prepare for rain" is a declaration.

Ever wonder if there's more to your life?

To live the life of your dreams, you must prepare for rain

When your business, personal or spiritual life is in drought, you need renewal.

Reconnect with your dreams

Has your passion been sacrificed for a paycheck?

Strive to be a person of action, good deeds and a willing vessel of hope.

~ Germany Kent

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