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You, Purposeful

Where Dreamers Become Doers

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insights draws them out.

~ Proverbs 20:5

"Prepare for rain" is a declaration.

Ever wonder if there’s more to your life?

To live the life of your dreams, you must prepare for rain

When your business, personal or spiritual life is in drought, you need renewal.

Reconnect with your dreams

Has your passion been sacrificed for a paycheck?


You, Reimagined


Your value comes from inside you. That’s our starting point.


You, Renewed


  • Discover your purpose
  • Renew your vision
  • Recover your passion
  • Supercharge your grit
  • Nurture your strengths
  • Reconnect with your dreams

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The Truth of Our Ancestors

The Truth of Our Ancestors

Like An Annoying Emotional Itch For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to know more about my family history. My father’s father was gone before I was born, so all I know of him was what I remember from overheard stories from childhood. The same is true of my...

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Be Careful Which Discontent You Choose

Be Careful Which Discontent You Choose

~Joel's blog “Now is the winter of our discontent” Don’t worry. This blog isn’t about Shakespeare. It’s also not about Richard The Third, Act 1, scene 1. It’s about the way so many—so many—people are feeling this winter. “Will this winter never...

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Why Patience & Purpose Need Each Other

Why Patience & Purpose Need Each Other

~Joel's Blog The following is an excerpt from our upcoming book, Prepare For Rain; The Ten Essential Steps For Creating The Life You Want. Living Out Your Purpose… For many of us, life really is good. But we forget that. Our simple daily...

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Reclaim Your Purpose ebook

Download our power-packed little ebook, “Reclaim Your Purpose,” and start fulfilling your life’s deeper purpose. This white paper dives into the 10 simple steps to empower you to Prepare for Rain in your life. Get started by clicking on “Yes, please!”

Strive to be a person of action, good deeds and a willing vessel of hope.

~ Germany Kent

Core Services

Business Growth

Want more revenue in your business? Putting out the same fires? It doesn’t have to be this way. Step up. Today.

Relationship Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great to recover that sweet connection with your girl that started vanishing in middle school?

Speaking Wonderment

Need highly engaging and experienced speakers for your  conference?

Purpose Driven Academy

Purpose Driven Academy provides marketing and revenue acceleration guidance for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We can help you with DIY (do it yourself), DWY (done with you), or DFY (done for you).

Prepare For Rain Press

PFR Press is the publishing arm of PFR, working with fiction authors whose stories…resist being put down. We also work with non-fiction authors whose stories deepen our understanding.

Prepare For Rain Media

PFR Media is the marketing arm of PFR. We build engaging keynote presentations, landing pages, videos, websites, media kits, etc. We help you quickly get back to what you’re best at.

Premium App Solutions

Premium App Solutions helps businesses put their brand directly into their customers hand. Make it simple for your clients and customers to engage with you, right from their phone. Affordably.

The team behind PREPARE FOR RAIN


Relationship Coach

The non-stop hummer, Janet adds the ongoing sound-track of PFR. Sometimes it’s funky. Sometimes it’s blues. But it’s always magic.


Graphic Designer

A budding engineer (mechanical, if you’d like to know), Jessica is like a sprinkle of zesty cayenne pepper. She does amazing graphics.


Business Coach

Joel brings a unique left / right mix, coaching / consultant brain to PFR. Three coaching certifications, plus 4 books published. Busy!


Our Fitness Coach

Our beloved rescue mascot, Bronx added a whimsical quality to the operations of PFR.

We lost him to cancer in May. RIP, Bronx. ♡

The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.

~ Thomas Carlyle

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