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Carpe diem! Your time is now.
Seize the opportunity.
Don’t let another day go by.

Where Dreamers Become Doers

Prepare For Rain is a transformation incubator.

Our mission is to help you explore new pathways to engage—or re-engage—your life in productive ways that evolve into brilliant channels for getting your message into the world.

So, the central idea behind “prepare for rain” is that moving forward—in faith, sometimes against all evidence—is essential to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Yours, too.

For example, there is a story about two farmers, referenced in the movie Facing The Giants. Both farmers are dealing with a severe drought. Meanwhile, both farmers pray for rain. God says He’ll deliver the transformative rain. But only one farmer actually goes out and plows the field. Just one acts on the promise. Thus, only one became ready—by actually preparing—for the promised rain.

Certainly, it’s not hard to complain and wish things were different. But it takes grit, determination, persistence and discipline to make changes. More importantly, it takes enduring faith that things really can change.

So, fundamentally, we invite you to enter in and explore your own life and future…with the ultimate question being: are you willing to risk “preparing for rain”… making changes, facing issues, exploring options, and challenging your fears?

Therefore, we invite you to come on in. Explore. Engage. Evolve. Prepare For Rain.

The Process We Use

As you venture forward in reclaiming your dreams, engaging in your passion and delivering your purpose to the world, you’ll discover your pathway through these three primary steps. The pattern is the same for each person, but because each person is an individual our process is customized for each of our clients.

So you can get a sense of what that customized process looks like, here’s a high-level view:


We begin with you…getting to know about you, your current situation, what your strengths & challenges are, and especially what your vision is. In a word, we get as clear a picture because we want to make sure we are a good fit for you.

Typically, this happens during a brief 20-30 minute phone call or Zoom session [free]. It will almost certainly include having you do a small bit of homework, which usually means completing a specific profile appropriate for you.

From there, we’ll give you a proposal. In it we’ll cover what we can do for you, how long it will take and what your investment in yourself will be.

Of course, what the proposal covers for someone needing coaching help as a song-writer will look quite different than a proposal for a business professional or budding novelist.


The engagement phase is where the really fun stuff happens. Here is where you’ll see an amazing transformation take place within you. In short order, you’ll experience more joy in your day, greater congruence between your aspirations and your actions…and you’ll be getting stuff done!

Consequently, those dreams you’ve carried all these years? They’ll start becoming reality!


We all love butterflies. You do love butterflies, right? But we often forget that the process by which a butterfly transforms from a crawling caterpillar into a wondrous Monarch is a period of intense, nearly crushing pressure. That’s how the metamorphosis takes place. Without it, the promising outcome for the future butterfly is severely limited.

It doesn’t sound all that attractive. The good news is that we’re not butterflies. And we don’t have to go through the transformation alone.

We’re here to help. To guide. To encourage. We have tools and processes and systems. And experience. A lot of it.

Carpe diem! Your time is now. Seize the opportunity. Don’t let another day go by.

The Four Big Qs


Yes…your “why.” Your reason for being. It’s quite likely that you know your “why” but fear is getting in the way of leaning into it. We will help you come to terms with that.

Why would we know that? Because it is very likely that you are not content with where your life is today. Let’s face it. Life isn’t getting less complicated. You are working harder than you used to but feeling like you are getting less done.

But don’t you still want to make a difference? To make your impact on the world? You want to leave your dent in the universe. It’s OK to need help. When it is something as important as re-engaging your life’s purpose, why would you leave it to chance? Why would you wait?

Above all, we believe you have a story—your story—and it needs to get into the world. Whether that story is in a book, song, speech, training program, podcast, business service or product, the world needs to hear you. We will help you be heard.


Because we are further along that path. Let us explain.

Prepare For Rain is the brainchild of creatives who spent many years doing what we thought we were “supposed to do” as grown-ups. We went to college and grad school. We got J-O-Bs. We worked hard. Life passed by.

None of this is (or was) bad, of course. Yet we, like you, felt a growing sense of disconnect between our work…and our purpose. There was something missing. Something incomplete. A calling unfulfilled. Namely, the things we felt most-called to do, the stories we felt compelled to share. In fact, stories we could no longer not share. So, the J-O-B couldn’t get in the way anymore. We took action. We dove in.

Leaning into one’s dreams is hard. Scary. It requires money. And focus. Lots and lots of focus.

Finding sources of support was long and difficult. As a result, we had to figure out a lot of things on our own. This took up even more time. More life passed by. Consequently, it was challenge to not entirely give up. And we must confess there were times when it was all too tempting.



But all that was years ago.

Now we have the insights gained from countless mistakes. We’ve discovered what works and how many things don’t. More importantly, we have taken our experience and poured them into tools and services to guide others. Because there are others in the world who want to lean into their dreams, too, but they need help. Direction. Guidance. Support. People just like you, dreamers with a vision of what can be that only need some help to make it happen.

But you have to take a first step. You must act. You have to prepare for that transformative rain.

Prepare For Rain delivers to you just-in-time resources and coaching that gutsy, determined people need so they can move more fully into their passions, at work and at home. So they can make their dent in the universe.

When will you start?


These are your dreams. It’s your purpose. Your story.

You already know what happens with the passage of time, though.

Activities become routines. Routines become habits. And habits are hard to break.

As a result, many people work very hard at getting “unstuck” and moving away from things they don’t like, things they want to change in their lives.

But having a negative motivation is, well, negative. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great to charge after your dreams? Because the positive motivation would be more compelling, wouldn’t it? In fact, it’s much easier to change when your motivation is positive.

So, whether you are in the public or private sector, wear a white, blue, green or clerical collar, are young or seasoned, feel artistic or not,

Prepare For Rain is a place where dreamers become doers. Including you.

It’s your turn. Take the step.

Click the button and schedule a friendly, candid chat. There’s no commitment… and zero pressure.


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