Janet Lund

Chief Music Officer

Janet’s Story

Janet co-founded Prepare For Rain. She never expected to find herself in the role of a business start-up owner.

It was in response to a clear calling on her heart that she dove in, along with Joel. She believes that every person who strives to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential can positively impact others to do the same.

She is an accomplished singer-songwriter. Her style is best-described as Americana, but she easily switches out to blues, tossing in a little country or pop along the way. You can find 20 examples on iTunes.

The themes that show up in her music touch on meeting life’s challenges with grace and humor, providing hope even in the darkest hours.

Janet’s message always focuses on “pushing through challenges.” There are a lot of people who struggle with what life throws at them. As someone who deals with chronic pain, she gets it. Having a support system—people who are there to help—matters.

My why

That’s why I write on music, ministry, motherhood, chronic pain/illness and, from time to time, stuff that doesn’t fit any of these topics.  It is my intent to create relevant, insightful and usable content for your day-to-day living, especially if you are a musician/artist, a mom or both. If you find yourself challenged by life—and can’t quite see how it’s a bowl of cherries—then I am writing for you. I hope to lift you up, cheer you on and maybe make you laugh.

Percentage of Work Focus

  • Creative Verve Dispenser 100% 100%
  • Mission and Vision 40% 40%
  • Social Media Marketing 80% 80%
  • Content Creation 100% 100%

Janet’s Bio

Me, in a nutshell…

  • Music = my lifelong passion
  • Youth Ministry = my calling
  • Spouse = my blessing to have a man who understands me
  • Motherhood = my medically impossible delight
  • Chronic Pain = my unwanted mentor
  • Guitar Teaching = my unexpected surprise

Music has been a lifelong passion, since birth when my mother would play music in the background to help me sleep. It has been my lifelong companion and comforter.

Singing has also always been my favorite method of communication. When I discovered I could write songs too, I was over the moon!

Youth Ministry became my calling when I lost both a friend and a member of my singing quartet to a car accident when I was only 15 years old. God used the adults in my life to help me through this difficult time. They made all the difference in my life and I wanted to pay-it-forward by being a loving adult in the lives of kids.

Motherhood: We were told we couldn’t have children so what an amazing surprise when we found out we were pregnant!

Chronic pain survivor: During the five years of extreme chronic pain I experienced the end of my career as a youth minister and my inability to play the guitar I discovered I could write songs and once again dive into the world of music which I am so passionate about.

Joyful guitar teacher: After five years of being unable to play my guitar my husband encouraged me to try picking it up again. I did and was delightfully surprised to find that with time I would be able to play the guitar once again! Hence, I advertise my lessons as – “Fun Factor Group Guitar Workshops for Beginners” 

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