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You know the ones. Those tunes that so easily get you humming along…or toe and finger tapping. Those tunes that fall into the category of *ear worm*–once going in your head, they like to linger for a spell. And that’s what you wanted. Beautiful lyrics that move you. Whimsical words that make you laugh out loud. Melodies that last.

Well, that’s what these tunes are like: hummable, tappable and lingering. At least, that’s what her fans are saying. Here’s a sampling…

“Strings Attached” Reviews

Awesome and Fantastic

Her songs are energetic thought-provoking lyrical and when I need to pick me up I listen to Janet’s albums (I have both!) and I am immediately smiling! I can’t say enough good things about her songs I am a fan. – JayArrh

Songs about coffee?!!!!

I am already a fan of Janet Lund’s music, but songs about coffee too? Awesome! Janet’s music is smart thoughtful and inspiring. My spirits are always lifted when I listen to her albums… especially over a cup of coffee. – Catherine A.

“Strings Attached”

Great music! Fun and uplifting always has a great message. Great for just about any occasion. – Hannah W.

Warm and Uplifting

Thoughtful songs that will lift your spirits! – G 2.0

Authentic all the way!

I love this music! Janet and her music is witty, genuine, beautiful, and down to earth. When I first heard her music I told my husband he needed to hear it too. He and I have very different music taste and he LOVES her music as well. He swears she sounds like Carole King. I’ve had the privilege of listening to her performance truly entertaining thought-provoking and beautiful it stirs your heart thank you Janet for sharing your beautiful gifts! – Lynn G.

Feel good music.

Janet has a comfortable voice that feels like an old friend. Her music is smooth and uplifting for people of all ages, but especially women. I love the stories she tells in each and every song. Highly recommended. – Misshaven


“Up & Strumming” Reviews

I’m in love!

Fun, upbeat, life affirming! I love Janet’s work! I have both of her albums and I highly recommend them! – JayArrh

Music with humor and heart

Janet Lund’s music has humor and heart. Lovely melodies swirl around really clever lyrics. If I’m having a hard day her music always cheers me up. I love her music! – Catherine A.

“Up and Strumming”

All the songs are stories about things that everyone can relate to. Brings back great memories of people we love. Very fun and easy listening! – Hannah W.

“Up and Strumming”

Heartwarming and easy to listen to. Another great album from Janet Lund. G 2.0

Another Winner

Janet second collection of songs are inspiring heartwarming and sometimes laugh out loud funny! This is not only a great addition to your spirit filled music collection but has a mainstream singer-songwriter vibe as well. – Gayla W.

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