Don’t Let Your Past Be An Obstacle To Your Parenting Today

~Janet’s Blog

Parenting In A Brave New World

In 2004, we moved to the great unknown of Boise, Idaho, the week of spring break. Our daughter was only in first grade. Wow, that seems like both yesterday and a million years ago, at the same time.

It was an exciting and intimidating time. My husband went off to work that following Monday, where he had been working for the past 7 weeks, while I drove my daughter to her first day of school. She settled into the desk in her new classroom. So, I slowly dragged my feet out the door. Boy, what a lonely feeling.


Making Magical Moments, One Step at a Time

~Janet’s Blog

Do you have favorite memories that you love looking back on? The kind that just warm your heart? Have you ever noticed that some of the most special warm fuzzy moments are the ones you made as a kid? Remarkable moments?

Seriously, just stop and remember. What memories give you warm fuzzies inside? My bet is these memories happened while you were with someone. This moment was special and made its home in your heart because someone special was with you. It’s a special place you can visit whenever you want inside your heart.

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