Fake Your Way Into Feeling It

~Janet’s Blog

Is there a place to hide here?

My heart was pumping so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I found myself staring at the exit sign in the church sanctuary just 30 feet away and thinking, “Maybe if I ran fast enough no one would see me escape!?”

It had been awhile since I had sung a solo and accompanied myself on the guitar. After five years of not being able to play, due to chronic pain in my hands, I was still getting back into the swing of things. It had been only a recent discovery that playing, while it still hurt, didn’t result in a huge increase in pain for days. Before the chronic pain began, I regularly played in public. But that was five years ago. Back when I didn’t think about it. Today, I felt like a fake and the EXIT sign was looking quite inviting. The sermon felt like it was going on forever and yet I never wanted the pastor to stop either. Because then I would be next.


Bullying Isn’t Just for Kids

~Janet’s Blog

Bullying Is For Grown-Ups, too

There was nothing special about that Wednesday night. Joel and I were out with our dog. Bronx loves his walks. And we love to talk through the day and relax.

Little did we know we were about to cross paths with a bike rider out on a mission of hate.


Perseverance, It’s What’s For Dinner

~Janet’s Blog

…or Perseverance Isn’t For Sissies

I must admit that when I prayed to God for perseverance, I meant,

“God please just give me what I want now!”

Yes, it’s true! I really wanted the journey to end sooner than later and get to the finish line faster. You know…to have the pace picked up by God, not by me.

Why? Because this year has been brutal emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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