We Are Creatures of Stories

Good or Bad, Stories Impact Us

~ Janet Lund
From the beginning of time, we have been creatures of stories. Our means of keeping track and passing down through generations who we are and whose we are has been through the telling of tales. It has been our way of keeping track of significant moments in history, important people in our family tree and life-changing experiences, so they are not forgotten.

Insights From An Empty Nester

5 Ways to Enhance Your Relationship With Your Child No Matter What Their Age Is!

By Janet Lund

In my blog Change Is Here, Ready Or Not, Part 2, I addressed the importance of listening to your college students tone of voice. The President of NNU made it very clear to us that it is important for us to listen for the difference between “the scraped elbow and the broken bone kind of pain.” This is key to knowing when you need to get involved by contacting adults on campus who can help your child through the situation.

Listening is key throughout your entire relationship with your kids.

Changes come

Change Is Here…Ready Or Not, Part 2

~Janet’s Blog


Change Continued. Go Figure.

At NNU, the Freshman Orientation experience was a three-day process for the parents and a four-day event for the kids. These days were filled with student/parent meetings, departmental receptions, technology meetings for the kids, department head meetings for the adults, special family meal gatherings, a presidential scholarship recognition gathering and worship.

One of the most memorable things that was spoken at the Freshman Orientation weekend was something the president said. His caution went something like this, “Listen to your children’s voices as they call home. Listen for any difference in their tone. Do you remember back when they were children and how you could tell the difference between the cry over a scraped knee versus the cry of a broken bone? Listen to your children as they call home. Listen for the difference in their voice. When the cry sounds more like a broken bone, that’s when we want you to call us and fill us in on what’s going on so we can help.” The message: some change isn’t for the best.

We found a lot of comfort in that. It also became a helpful tool for us sooner than we expected.

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