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Entrepreneurial DNA Assessment

Yes, you can! It takes only about 3 minutes to discover youreDNA.” And it’s free.

PS: there are no wrong answers, so just pick the option that most fits you. If the question doesn’t resonate with you (which isn’t a mistake), select the option that feels the least weird. Then the assessment can do its magic.

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Listen to the Podcast

Essential Listening I

Podcast interview on None Of My Business, with Matt Dietz

We discuss the power and impact of having a business coach. This interview was a blast because Matt is so approachable, knowledgeable and professional. [Just a tad under an hour] Go right here.

Essential Listening II

In this interview with Brandon Wright, of Wright Stuff Radio, we talk about our inner entrepreneur. All of us have entrepreneurial impulses inside. Not many people know how it powerfully influences our behavior in business, in our jobs, even what kinds of work we end up in. Our eDNA drives us, whether we’re aware of it or not. Understanding our entrepreneurial DNA is crucial.

In this interview, we also talk about why not knowing about our eDNA makes such a huge difference. What we don’t know can hurt us. Discovering our eDNA and playing to our strengths makes our work-life more enjoyable and successful. Not knowing it makes our professional life harder than it needs to be.

Brandon is super-energetic and fun to listen to. It was really exciting to be on air with him.

He has many other great interviews on his site. Check it out here.

Our interview is just 7 minutes long and is super fun.

Winter 2016

Brandon and I talk about the challenges of running and sustaining your business as a small operation or solopreneur. Here we discuss the temptation to conclude that just because we have done something many times (“Someone had to!”), it must mean that we’re 1) good at it, or 2) naturally gifted at it. This can become a very expensive illusion.

Summer 2016

Brandon and I discuss how critical it is for business owners to have functional knowledge about winning in business. Even MBA programs don’t guarantee understanding how to effectively market their business. Hitting a revenue plateau is painful. Creating a market dominating position isn’t as simple as it used to be. We crack the code during this interview.

Purpose Driven Academy

Purpose Driven Academy is an online marketing agency. It serves as a companion coaching website designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners seeking to accelerate the value of their company.

Having worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, as well as developing our own company, we know that nothing strains a person as much as growing a business.

There isn’t just one “code to crack.” There are many.

But none is as difficult—or important—as marketing the business. Success depends on it. Without it, the business owner is doomed to struggle…or fail.

Purpose Driven Academy makes it much, much easier. Notice we didn’t say “easy.” It’s never easy to grow a business. But it doesn’t have to be grim. With a proven path and tested steps, it can actually become fun again. Isn’t that why you started your business? You hoped to have fun, make a living and an impact.

Go here and see how easy it can be.

From do-it-yourself owners who are ready for self-coaching…to owners eager to toss jet fuel on their marketing, you’re covered.

Reclaim Your Purpose > Action-Steps Guide

This little guide packs a punch, expressing the fundamental beliefs and values of people ready for transformation and willing to reclaim their dream. Not for the weak of heart or complainers.

It takes guts and grit to re-engage your purpose. Discover the 10 steps to make it happen in your world.

Get moving. You have one life to live, so make every moment count.

Priority Matrix

4 Quadrants Priority Matrix

We all receive the same 168 hours a week to do with as we please. Some are more productive than others with their time. How?

They don’t worry or fret over “managing their time,” because no one manages time. You can only manage what you’re doing with your time. And that requires managing your priorities.

This simple matrix will help you begin to break through to greater accomplishments.

Constructive Appraisal Guide

Too often, we walk, run or trip our way into projects without real focus. Worse, we may enter into them without intentionally planning on winning.

This is not a recipe for success. In fact, it is more likely a way to unconsciously meet our expectations. Another way of saying this is without planning to succeed you are planning to fail. Use this tool to take a quick look at how you’re going to get where you’re going to go.

More Downloadables

Just click the title (in blue)

Conversion Equation Evaluator

Feel like your marketing isn’t working? Use this simple evaluation tool to score your effectiveness. Takes less than 5 minutes.


BOSI Overview Presentation

Want to cut to the chase? Discover what insights come from understanding your entrepreneurial DNA.


Business Model Optimizer — sDNA SAMPLE

This business model optimizer tool can transform your business if you are willing to put in the work. This sample form gives you a clear picture of how much actionable insights come from working through this process. Because sDNA is the most common type, this is the perfect sample.


PFRC Flyer

This flyer quickly paints who our coaching clients are…and why they engage us.


PFRC Communication Matrix SAMPLE

Excellent communications are crucial to small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Becoming excellent is not easy. This tool helps. Fast.



The “GOD Form” is ideal for gaining powerful clarity on what matters most to you. By the time you’re done, your goals and objectives are defined, with action steps lined up. Our coaching clients love this worksheet.


PFR The Change Process

Changing isn’t easy. It requires awareness of the challenges and stages of the process. Here’s your worksheet.


PFR The Change Process SUMMARY

This is the crib notes version of the worksheet.


Code of Ethics of the Certified Coaches Federation

We follow the CCF Code of Ethics in our business. Here you can see why.

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