Results in CoachingEarly in 2016, Janet completed, along with Joel, an amazing, intensive master coaching summit put on by Results In Coaching.

The focus of this course was to be immersed in applied guided coaching sessions. Each day would include multiple learning sessions, followed immediately by practical, hands-on coaching. Either we would be coaching another student or we’d be coached by them, several times a day. The result was deep and fast growth of our skills because each student could test what they just learned.

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From a coaching perspective, Joel is aligned to two great organizations dedicated to providing life and business transformation. Though these two organizations focus on different aspects and bring considerably different resources and tool sets to simple yet powerful growth to those partnering in the coaching process, Joel finds they blend together excellently in his practice.

BOSI provides JBOSI Certified Partneroel specialized training for working with executives and decision makers of privately held, established companies that wish to grow 3X-10X within the next 5-7 years for eventual sale.

His training also delivers an exquisitely refined process to assist Solopreneurs, business leaders and particularly those in the financial services industry in easily gaining great insights into their current business behaviors, good and bad. In addition, Joel empowers them with the tools to explode through to higher levels of success, increasing their impact and joy in their life and work.

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The training process from CCF is both broad and deep, utilizing the best tools and latest understanding in neurolinguistic science. As a CCF Executive Coach, Joel is trained professional who has the skills that help individuals, executives and organizations create positive changes, see new possibilities, and can help his clients define the steps to be taken to achieve both their short term and long term goals.

Working with leaderships teams is a challenge Joel thrives in, guiding each member of the team–especially at the highest levels of leadership–reduce friction, enhance communication and excel together in tandem.

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NOTE: Whenever Joel is working with institutions or individuals and determines their needs outpace his skill sets or training, Joel will not hesitate to reach out for assistance. He’s grateful to already have access to the best in the business world.




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