BOSI Global Certified Partner

BOSI Global Certified Partner

It started with a webinar. But first there was an email in his inbox inviting him to listen to Joe Abraham. The webinar would cover why, precisely, entrepreneurs and business people behave the way they do when engaging in their work.

After 13 years of working with, and training, financial advisors–a special breed of entrepreneurs–Joel wondered why some professionals would make it through their first year but most would fail. After that some would thrive but most would struggle. It looked like Mr. Abraham, the author of Entrepreneurial DNA, would share insights into this leadership mystery.

BOSI Certified PartnerBoy, did he ever.

Joel rarely uses the chat option during a webinar, but only a third of the way through Mr. Abraham’s presentation Joel had to type these words into the chat window: This is a revelation to me! A minute later he received a reply, asking him to chat on the phone with the assistant to the presenter. The request came with these words, We’ve never had someone use that word before to describe entrepreneurial DNA. We’d like to know more. 

Six months later Joel completed his training and became a certified partner with BOSI Global.

Being a BOSI Certified Partner brings powerful assets to Joel’s coaching:

  • Financial professionals struggle with standing out in a crowded marketplace, often feeling tension with their efforts to “be seen.” BOSI delivers the tools for simply and effectively breaking through to new levels of practice success.
  • Solopreneurs–in the creative space (consultants, authors, musicians, freelancers)–are more interested in their mission than they are in building a business. Yet without a viable business, their mission is hampered. Or worse. Without coming to terms with how their entrepreneurial impulses impact their business behavior, their mission will always be stifled.
  • CEOs know too well that human capital gaps are typically the #1 restrictor to achieving the true vision. The team that got the company to the current level of success probably isn’t the team that can get the company to the next level – especially when the next level calls for 3x to 10x revenue growth. Discovering the entrepreneurial DNA of their teams offers immediate insights into optimizing the team in a very focused way.

The examples above are not a complete list. Contact Joel to see how BOSI fits your business or entrepreneurial challenges. Want to know your entrepreneurial DNA? It takes just a few thoughtful minutes. Click on the image to launch your free assessment.

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