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The Leader in Certified Life & Executive Coach Training

Joel is a CCF Certified Executive Coach. CCF is your best choice for Certified Life Coach and Certified Executive Coach training and development. The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified more than 12,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 and is now considered one of the Best Life Coach Training & Certification Programs in the world. Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 3 years in a row. No other Coach Certification and Training Program has been endorsed by more Life Coaches & Executive Coaches than the Certified Coaches Federation.

The tools Joel can bring to his clients include the Life ScriptThe Change Process, multiple scripts for implementing real change, the GOD Form (Goals & Objectives Defined), a 90-day accountability tracking system, meta models, neurolinguistic programming modalities, cognitive reflex conditioning…and more.

Why does this matter? Because Coaching, as Disraeli puts it, is to go beyond sharing my “riches”—whether those are skills I’ve obtained over the years, or knowledge I have through education or certification—and to help the one who has sought me out to discover their own riches. They have their own skills and knowledge, their own internal wisdom. Assisting them to free up their own resources and tap their own abundance liberates them to be healthier, which brings along the benefits of greater wealth and wisdom. Breaking away from negative choices or habits can literally add more money into their wallets. Moving toward positive goals, rather than away from negative experiences, brings greater wisdom and contentment.

Why not now? Why not you? Contact Joel today.


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