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How do you define success?

Often, in the daily challenges of growing a business, we lose touch with our goals, what our motivation is built on, even what our core values are. Responsibilities, expectations, timelines, metrics, conflicts, unforeseen hurdles, shifting demographics and changing markets can derail the best laid action plans. The day’s major achievement might simply be: “I got through it.” Sure, some days are going to be like that. But only at great peril can most days be like that.

You’ve heard it said that often the best proactive step you can take in business is to stop doing something you’re doing, instead of trying to start a new thing.

Is it time to stop trying to improve some key element of your professional or personal life—especially if that key element is you—and engage a coach? Why is it that already-elite athletes use coaches?

What will make a coaching engagement a success for you?

That should be the first question you hear from a good coach. How you answer the question is totally yours. Whether success—for you—means independence, wealth, influence, prestige, freedom, making a difference, being a change agent, or something else, it is your meaning.

Coaching begins with you. It ends with you. What happens in between, well, that’s where the magic happens. And you own the success.

Why Engage a Coach?

  1. You want to expand your potential.
  2. You need a sounding board.
  3. You must remove a behavior that gets in your way.

What Is a Coaching Relationship Like?

  • Confidential
  • One on One
  • Focused on your development and growth
  • Must be a good fit—both ways—for any progress
  • Tied to results
  • Requires you to be open to implement new approach
  • Honest: you’re responsible for change and progress

What Is The Value Of Being Coached?

That’s a great question! But only you can provide the answer. Consider:

  1. How important are these desired changes to you?
  2. Assume for a moment that, one year from now, all those changes have been implemented. In a word or two, what would you be thinking or feeling?
  3. How would you value that progress?

What Types of Coaching Are There?

Performance Coaching

  • Overcome barriers
  • Improve results
  • Expand competencies
  • Advance teamwork
  • Reduce gaps

Interpersonal Skills Coaching

  • Adapt behaviors
  • Align values
  • Enhance communication
  • Implement human capital skills
  • Increase impact & influence

Life Coaching

  • Accountability partner
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Integration

How Do I Get Started?

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step. Most people turn away before giving themselves a chance.

Let’s talk! Please send me an email to We’ll schedule a convenient time for both of us, at our earliest convenience. We’ll chat informally for twenty to thirty minutes, basically to answer the two imperative questions: 1) do I think I can help you and 2) do you want my help. Fair enough? Your only expense is time; there is no fee for this exploratory discussion. Based on that initial conversation, we should have a clear sense of what coaching structure will provide the best impact for you, in the shortest amount of time.

Include in your email:

  • Your name & phone number
  • Top 3 best times & dates
  • What appeals to you about coaching
  • If possible, what type of coaching “feels right” to you, based on what you know so far
  • In addition, let me know if a specialized program (below) seems to fit you

Take a deep breath, for a couple of reasons. First, there’s no pressure in this process. At least, not from me. On your end, there probably has been pressure for quite some time; that’s why you’re exploring coaching in the first place. If you decide to engage me in coaching, you may actually feel a reduction in pressure. Second, dealing with these pressures prompted you to look at coaching. Getting objective perspective from an outside party (your coach) will help you direct your energy at progress, instead of crisis management.

We can then talk about the fee structure related to the option that best fits you. In addition, we’ll review the Relationship Agreement we both commit to before commencing a coaching program.

Our chat is just between us. Should you decide not to proceed, no harm and no foul. We’ll both have met a new person and, perhaps, made a new friend.


Compass COMPASS: Career Locating System

Our Compass Program runs 6 months and is designed for the newer advisor. Many financial firms provide very little, if any, “live” training for the new agent/advisor. Often, a tremendous library of recorded webinars is provided, instead. However, how does the new professional apply this training? This is a people business—requiring real-time engagement with people that already know the business. We’ll deliver that engagement, supporting your success.

SatelliteGPS: Global Positioning System

Our GPS Program is a 9-month program tailored to the journeyman advisor. You’ve experienced some levels of success, which is why you’re still in the business after your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year (or more). And you know that you could reach higher achievements, if you only knew how. Here, you’ll get the personalized mentoring and seasoned guidance that will speed you to those levels that have so far eluded you.



SPS: Space Positioning System

Our GPS Program is a full-year odyssey for the veteran advisor/agent. Unlike GPS, which is based on the notion of global positioning which allows you to know exactly where you are on Earth, SPS assumes you have already attained success levels that most would call “stratospheric.” Your challenge now is to increase your speed to go where—professionally and/or personally—you have never been before. Now, it’s about legacy. It’s about the final sprint to transitioning to your ideal exit strategy.


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