Curious about coaching?

Hey, I'm Curious
What's your story? Tell us a little bit about what work you are presently involved in, either in the office or at home, depending on your desired coaching focus.
What is your vision for your future? If there is a gap between your current situation and where you would like to see yourself in the future, what is getting in your way? There's no judgment here. Just lay it out like you see it.
What three things would bring you the greatest sense of accomplishment if you were able to achieve them in the next 90 days?
What is present in your life right now, today, that you are grateful for?
Please give us an idea of 1) who are the important people in your life (family, friends, positive or not so much), and 2) one or two people you look up to,
What else would you like us to know that could help us coach you better?
Pick the option closest to your current position
Please give us a few days/times when it would be convenient to chat together. Daytime? Evening? Weekend?
[Optional] It's helpful for us to get to know a little about your company before we chat. If you're OK with it, we'll take a peak. If your primary concern is about marketing, this is VERY helpful to us.
What's the best email to reach you at, if we need to?
Yep, we use Captcha to protect us all from cyberpunks. 🙂

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