Corporate Coaching: Executives, Field Leaders, Teams

Coaching: Corporate Executives, Field Leaders, Teams

Is it time?

What’s Important About Success To Your Company?

In a highly competitive market place where the speed of transformation increases daily, the challenge of maintaining business responsive has become very steep. The enterprise needs the best from its players. Delays due to inexperience, personality issues, or personnel conflicts are extremely costly to the bottom line. However, the cost of retention is far less than the expense of acquiring a new hire.

Often, all that is needed is targeted intervention. It could be focused tactically or strategically.

Companies often engage a coach for a desired outcome similar to why an individual does. Those reasons include resolving friction or increasing flow among a team, providing new response options for a difficult but valuable executive or employee, even training a group on how to improve client interaction.

You’ve heard it said that often the best proactive step a company can take in business is to stop doing something.

What is the Outcome You Need?

How a company answers the question varies. Whether the firm’s success means best-in-class dominance, enhancing corporate influence, the prestige of excellence, creating exceptional shareholder value, making an enduring difference, being a global change agent, or something else, it is the firm’s meaning.

Corporate coaching is corporate-centric.

Companies Engage a Coach Because:

  1. They want to expand the potential of a key person. They’re being asked to do more with less. What benefits could be gained by neutralizing their weaknesses and maximize their strengths?
  2. They need a more effective team or department. Sometimes an outside perspective will tip the scales for a paradigm shift. Are there people or groups that are not adapting as fast as market shifts demand?
  3. They must remove a behavior that gets in the way. We know some behaviors inhibit the ability to reach the goals we seek. This is especially true of executives and department leaders. Is there a critical habit needing transformation?

Corporate Coaching Relationships Are:

  • Confidential
  • Results driven
  • Targeted at quantifiable development and advancement
  • Needs to be a good fit for all involved for any lasting progress to be made
  • Requires openness to implement new approaches
  • Candid & clear: those being coached must engage for change and progress to happen

The Value Of Coaching At An Enterprise Level:

  1. Are the changes desired important to your firm?
  2. If we assume for a moment that, one year from now, measurable progress has come from all those changes being implemented, in a word or two, what would this mean to your company?
  3. What value would you put on that progress?

Three Types of Corporate Coaching:

Performance Coaching

  • Gap reduction – individuals or teams
  • Production breakthroughs – key leaders
  • Team effectiveness – reduced friction
  • Deeper proficiencies – all staff

Interpersonal Skills Coaching

  • Adapt behaviors – Key person; team interaction
  • Align values – Interplay between vision, mission and implementation
  • Enhance communication – Among key members; executives; company-wide
  • Implement human capital skills – Leverage entrepreneurial strengths
  • Increase impact & influence – Integration of collective strengths

Life Coaching

  • Accountability partner – Key person; executive
  • Lifestyle changes – Executive; key person
  • Motivation – Executive; key person; team; enterprise
  • Education – Key staff; teams; enterprise
  • Integration – Bringing it all together

Next Steps

Our first step is a simple, brief conversation. Reach out to us. We’ll set up a call or webinar to learn more about your situation. From there we’ll mutually determine how to proceed. Contact us via The initial dialogue will last about twenty minutes. Our objective is to answer two simple questions:

  1. Can we help you?
  2. Do you want our help?

There is no fee for this exploratory discussion. Based on our conversation, we should have a clear sense of what coaching structure will provide the best impact for you, in the shortest amount of time.

Include in your email:

  • Name and title of the person launching the inquiry
  • Best phone number(s) & contact information
  • Best times & dates (3) to meet
  • What is the primary goal intended from coaching
  • If possible, what coaching methodology seems to fit best, based on the descriptions above

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