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An Invitation to the PFR Community

You’re Invited!

It’s always fun to receive an invitation. Especially when it’s unexpected. And voila, here you go!

Over the past year (plus a few weeks), we have shared a lot of things with you that are important to us at PFR. We hope it has been helpful, insightful, inspiring, and maybe all three. Certainly, we hope it’s been motivating. We often spend upwards of a half-day a week on preparing a meaningful epistle for you.

Tag! It’s Your Turn…

Now we want you, our PFR Community, to share with us what is important to you. We’d love your feedback and input in three ways.


You’ve noticed that we build each weekly newsletter around a theme, whenever possible. We’re curious. What themes interest you? Maybe there is a different newsletter theme you’re keen on seeing. Or a particular slant. For example, next week the theme will be on fatherhood, to honor the national holiday. But perhaps you’d like to see included an inspiring video about fatherhood that you love. There are lots of directions we can go with themes. We want to be hitting on those that matter to you. Here’s a short list of what have used as well as what we’re thinking about:

  • Community
  • Fatherhood
  • Motherhood
  • Grandparenting
  • Aunt-ing
  • Uncle-ing
  • Family
  • Change
  • Matters of the heart
  • Ancestry
  • Travel
  • Paying-It-Forward
  • Dreams
  • Music
  • Service members

Which of these themes most interest you? What would you like to see that’s not on the list?


So, if you’re tracking with our request, we’re inviting you to share your story with us, via the phone or email; we’ll include it in this newsletter, along with whatever pictures you want to include. For instance, we know one of you, at least, is super-involved in supporting cancer research by doing fund-raising bicycle rides. We’d love to feature her. Maybe you serve at a soup kitchen. Or you had a brilliant family gathering. Or your niece took nationals. Who knows? You belong to a very diverse group.

But here’s the second option. We welcome any of you to submit articles, blogs, human interest videos, etc. You’ll be credited with the submission, of course. Feeling that bold?

The bottom line is that we care about you and what you care about. We figure this community’s reach and impact can increase with more involvement from the community. Think of this as PFR community bonding through Show-n-Tell. Since we can’t all be together, it’s like a digital version of show-n-tell.


A central goal we have for each newsletter is to create an a-ha inside of you, a moment of discovery, something that will inspire you to circle back to us because you want to share your discovery. When that happens, how about you email us your story and pictures, if you wish? Share what is important to you and you’re comfortable with.

For example: What organizations are you a part of that you are proud? How do you support it? Why? What caused this organization to resonate with your heart and inspired you to take part? This can be something you participated in once, several times, annually, or throughout the year.

Other examples: A blog triggers an insight you want to share. Or a video moves you in a way you didn’t expect. Perhaps one of the articles shared you have a different perspective on.

We would love to hear from you. With your permission, we’ll then share it with our PFR Community. This info will go to our PFR Community via this newsletter, and possibly our closed PFR Facebook Community Page.

It takes a community

So, here’s your invitation!

  1. Shoot us an email with your top 5 theme choices (Hey, write in 5 new ones if you’re not seeing what you want in our sample list above).
  2. Shoot us an email if you’d like to contribute to the newsletter, like an article, short story, poem, artwork, photo, meme, etc. (please include your preferred method of contact).
  3. Shoot us an email when you’d like to share with your community a new insight, discovery or special moment related to the current issue.

“The lines are open.” [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you. Have an amazing day!

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