Making Miracles

Recently my friend Sor’a invited me to attend a group she created called the Miracle Meet-up and Generosity Circle.

A few years ago she felt God tapping her on the shoulder and pointing out that miracles don’t only have to be huge events, like raising someone from the dead. Miracles can also be simple things that even we can make happen every day. All we need to do is open ourselves up to creating them for others.

With our society being so anxious and tightfisted these days the concept of this group was like a breath of fresh air to me.

Plus, I felt the group fell into alignment with what Prepare For Rain is striving to accomplish every day: helping other people rediscover, chase, and reach their dreams!

So, I went.

It was close to Sor’a’s birthday, so I brought my guitar so we could all sing to her. I also sang my coffee song, Let’s Get A Latte, which she sang right along with me!

Incubating Miracles

The Miracle Meet-up and Generosity Circle is unique and wonderful. It provided us a chance to meet some new people, make new business connections, share some present joys or challenges and in the end we all donated a little money to a pot.

At the end of the meeting one of our names was drawn from a bowl. The first name drawn received part of the pot. That person then was given the opportunity to go out and make a miracle for someone else.

Another portion of the pot goes toward Sor’a’s monthly Miracle Beacon Project. She chooses someone to sponsor and support for a month.

There were also two bouquets of flowers at this event. Two names were drawn for the flowers. Those two people were given the privilege to surprise someone else with flowers, sharing some of the bouquet they just received.

What a unique way to encourage networking and collaboration while making an impact in the community!

5 Miraculous Ways To Create Mini Miracles

Here are 5 ways you can make daily miracles happen in your world:

  • Love your daily coffee? Filling your purse or wallet with completed punch cards? Try this. Give away your filled-up coffee punch card. Instead of getting yourself a free coffee give your card to a friend or a new business connection, even a stranger! You not only will make that person’s day but you are promoting a company you want to support and keep going. (Great idea, Brett Labit)
  • Buy some inexpensive flowers and then give them away. Maybe to someone you know is having a tough day, or just observe and see if you can recognize a stranger that could use a pick me up. (Great idea, Sor’a Garrett)
  • Send a virtual gift, like a lovely meme (one of those pictures with an uplifting quote), that will brighten someone’s day. It’s amazing how just knowing someone is thinking about you can really brighten your day and lighten up a heavy load.
  • Connect people who could possibly help each other in their businesses. My friend Brett Labit, the mastermind behind LIZ (Local Impact Zone) is a fervent believer in collaborative community. By supporting each other every business can win and make our community stronger.
  • Watch. Listen. Be an inquiring mind. Ask the cashier at your grocery store how their day is going, and be genuine. Try to remember their name and the little tidbits of info you learn about them. The next time they see you in line follow up with what you have learned so far and see what else is going on in their world. It will make their day.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all woke up each morning with the goal to make miracles for someone else? Changing the world may sound impossible.

It’s not impossible. All it takes a little openness on our part.

If we each approach our communities–and the people in them–with this positive attitude we can start a wave of giving. A wave of miracles.

Do you know of someone in your community, church, or circle of friends who lives life with a similar passion for changing the world one person at a time? Is that person you?

Join the conversation. We would love to hear your story!






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