You Better Get Going

By Janet Lund

Greetings and salutations! I hope your 2016 has been filled with many a good time so far.

If it’s been more of a bumpy ride, well, we get it.

A New Year. Again.

For the Lund family, 2015 ended and 2016 started off with the loss of loved ones. Between us, we lost four family members just between Thanksgiving and the middle of January. Each of them brought their own unique personalities and gifts to this world in addition to the love they shared with those who knew them.

And all of us have endured losses of several brilliant artists: Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey to start and sadly the list has continued to grow. Gifted individuals who shared their passions with the world. Our world became a much more colorful, spontaneous, compassionate, visually and musically creative because these individuals chased their dreams.

While wading through the many feelings that go with mourning these losses, it has, once again, become brutally clear to me:

We aren’t here to stay. We are just passing through.

The Meter is Running

It is so easy to procrastinate our way through hours, days, weeks, months, years, when there aren’t major changes going on around us. The “I can do it tomorrow. What’s the rush?” perspective can keep us from chasing down our goals and dreams and catching them.

Yes, you may be able to go after them tomorrow. But what if tomorrow never comes?

You are probably thinking, “Geez, Janet, you are being so pessimistic. Go drink some happy juice or something!”

Seriously, though, stop and picture it for a moment. How would you feel if that one special thing you have dreamed of doing…never got done? Or wasn’t event attempted?

We don’t have control over a lot of things, but one thing we do have control over is the choices we make, right now, at this moment.

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So how big are these things you want to accomplish? Who will they impact? What happens if they aren’t completed? How will your not completing them impact the world and the people, strangers, friends and family in it? How will you feel about it during your final moments?

It may be something you can live with now, but is it something you can die with?

In It To Win It

I know that I want to make a difference in this world! I also know that my days are numbered, and I have no idea what number I am on. Who knows? I could live into my 90’s like several of my relatives or I could be gone tomorrow. That being the case, I want to seriously reflect and prioritize what must be done before I am gone. There are things I want to accomplish. Words I want recorded not only on CDs but also written down for my child and her children to know. I want them to know all that I hope for their future.

To give you a few ideas, here are two things that I must complete before I am gone:

  1. I must finally write down the words to the lullaby I wrote, and I have sung to my daughter most of her life. I have no record of it anywhere. It’s saved only in my memory. I want her to have it forever. So no matter how old she is, she’ll be able to remember the words and melody that were so very important to her mommy that she sang them to her night after night.
  2. I must record my third CD. I have had it in the slow cooker, shall we say. It has been on a very low setting, and its flavorful fragrance continues to grow. I have been slowly adding just the right songs to it these past few years. I have wanted it to come to completion at just the right time. But now I see I don’t want to wait too long. I have been striving to find that sweet spot between perfection and completion. Ultimately, when it comes right down to it, I would rather err on the side of completion. This project must be completed in order to make its impact in the world. That is what matters most.

So these are my two absolute musts.

Hit Play to Start

Have I got you thinking now? What must you have completed before you are gone? Write something below in the comments section. It becomes “real” when we write down our goals—and make them public.

We would like to know what your thoughts, dreams, and wishes are. Embrace your life, each new day and chase down your dreams. No one else will. They’re yours! If you need help with the chasing—how to start, what steps to take, encouragement along the way—we can help you with that. Just in time.

The Time Is Now….

Your time is now.

Seize the day!

Don’t forget! Share with us what you must get done with your time.



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