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The 4 Most Important Things You Should Know About Life Coach, Janet Lund


1. Co-Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer—Prepare For Rain Coaching (2012-now)

Janet spent more than a dozen impactful years in full-time and part-time youth ministry. It was time for a change. 

Janet shifted her focus from ministry to music and mothering.

A naturally empathic leader, Janet recently added a master coaching course to her already deep experience as a trusted guide.

She specializes in working with women, especially moms of teen and pre-teen daughters. Her superhero name is “The Mom Whisperer.”

2. Experienced Women’s Leader, Life & Relationship Coach (1993-now)

Janet is a sought-after speaker and music performer.

She is the Founder of Mom Keep Calm, a company dedicated to helping moms bring calm back into their lives.

Using her extensive people skills, Janet weaves her coaching around common themes women quickly relate to: family, faith, and fun.

She delivers her message in a variety of venues: conferences, retreats, one-on-one meetings, and coffee dates.

From 1996 until now, she’s been the ultimate female leader to one young woman, her amazing daughter.

It’s from this deep well of experiences as a Mom and as a leader–some good, some not so good–that she shares practical, empathic guidance to all women.

3. Non-Profit Leader, Educator, and Counselor (1988-now)

Janet served as a full-time youth minister (YM) in Washington for seven years.

She also spent several years serving as an intern in California.

Her focus was on getting kids out of their comfort zones.

Her goal? Get kids out where they could experience life more deeply—and less guarded. These away-from-home journeys encouraged her kids, and other youth leaders to discover strong internal resources within them that could last forever.

She’s collaborated with guide companies to create epic bicycle odysseys, rock climbing adventures, white-water river rafting trips, amazing ropes courses and other avenues for “internal stretching.” A favorite partner has been Habitat For Humanity. Kids work alongside a contractor, actually building a home, side by side with other kids and adults. The adults often include the financially-challenged future homeowners, who could afford only an interest-free house.

Janet has spoken or sung to crowds of a handful up to many thousands. She conducts trainings, workshops, and break-out sessions in churches and other non-profit organizations.

4. Devoted Wife & Mom (1989-now)

Janet married Joel in 1989. He is an author, speaker and business coach. Their daughter, Jessica—who they were told by medical specialists would never happen—became a published author at 17. She is studying to become an engineer. Janet is an accomplished singer-songwriter, with 20 songs on iTunes and YouTube. She plays acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards and myriad percussion instruments. Her 3rd album, titled Blue Strings, is almost ready for the studio!


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