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The 4 Most Important Things You Should Know About Business Coach, Joel Lund


1. Founder & President—Prepare For Rain Coaching (2012-now)

After 14 successful years in the financial planning industry, Joel shifted his focus from “field leadership” to coaching leaders in the C-Suite, executive roles, Solopreneurs and small business owners.

Besides bringing his extensive business experience in trust-based soft sales, Joel added three coaching certifications to his practice (BOSI Global, RIC & CCF), so that he brings transformative value to the experience for those he works with.

2. Experienced Business Leader (1993-now)

Just over a year before the financial crash in 2000, Joel began his career in financial planning. His only prior sales experience… was in a bicycle shop.

Still, leveraging his people skills, he quickly achieved “first-year advisor” awards and recognition within his firm, a company with a national footprint.

That’s why he was quickly promoted, and as a District Manager in Yakima, WA, his small office landed in the top 1% (of 400+ offices), bringing another advancement. The next title was that of Managing Principal (in 2004).

Again, his leadership turned around an under-performing division, from the bottom 10% to the top 10% in just a few years.

This resulted in 4 straight years of increasing recognition by GAMA International, an organization dedicated to the highest standards of leadership in the financial services industry

3. Non-Profit Leader, Educator, and Counselor (1986-now)

Joel served as a youth pastor in Washington and California.

He focused on getting kids out of their comfort zones.

They could experience life more deeply—and be less guarded. This encouraged his kids, and other youth leaders, to discover powerful resources within and around them that could last forever.

He collaborated with guide companies for bicycle odysseys, rock climbing adventures, white-water river rafting, ropes courses and other avenues for this “internal stretching.” A favorite partner was Habitat For Humanity; kids would work on building a home, side by side with the future owners, who could afford only an interest-free house.

He’s served on the boards of churches, non-profits, counseling agencies, chambers and industry groups.

He has spoken to crowds of a handful up to several thousand, as well as conducted trainings, workshops, and break-out sessions in educational, government, non-profit and business organizations.

4. Devoted Family Man & Fun Guy (1989-now)

Joel and Janet married in 1989. Janet is a life coach and singer-songwriter, with albums on iTunes and YouTube.

Their daughter, Jessica—who they were told by medical specialists would never happen—became a published author at 17, and is now an engineer.

Joel is a multiple award-winning author of both fiction (his pen-name is Brandon King) and non-fiction (under the name his parents gave him).

He plays acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, and bass, and has been a galleried artist.


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