Office Update: Returning To Our Roots

Office Update: Returning To Our Roots

As we mentioned in our June newsletter, we’ve been weighing the pros and cons of keeping our wonderful office suite just 4 miles from our house.

We recently let our wonderful property management firm know that we’re not renewing the lease. Most likely we’ll be out by the end of September. But if they find someone who wants in sooner, we may have the option of vacating before our formal lease ends.

It’s been a blast to be in the suite. We’ve held many special events, like book signings, mini-concerts, training classes, webcasts, guitar classes and seasonal parties. And we’ve had countless business meetings, recording sessions and hours of focused work.

It’s also been expensive to be in the suite.

So, for now, we’re bringing the work of our business back to where it started: our house. And that’s OK.

We’re extremely grateful for all the business and life lessons that came to us through Suite 140, located at 670 E Riverpark Lane in SE Boise. We’ll miss the space, for sure. But we also welcome the opportunity to redirect the dollars going to the lease back into other aspects of our company.

We’ll keep you posted as we go, of course. We expect to keep our business line and number. We have already identified two venues where we can hold training sessions, webcasts and group meetings.

Although they haven’t commented on this change, we expect that Albert, Stuart and Parker (our cats) will appreciate having adults in the house more often, since Bronx (our dog) tends to get restless when left to entertain himself for more than a few hours. Bronx has been known to draft a cat or two into his play time, willing or not.

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