Our Team

The Creative Team Behind PFR

When you work with PFR, you are working with one of us.

Depending on your need and how to best serve you, we may bring in specialists to assist, so that you receive the quickest results and reach your desired outcome the fastest.

Creative Consultants

A Team Of Professionals


Business Coach

Joel brings a unique left / right mix, coaching / consultant brain to PFR. Three coaching certifications, plus 4 books published. Busy!


Relationship Coach

The non-stop hummer, Janet adds the ongoing sound-track of PFR. Sometimes it’s funky. Sometimes it’s blues. But it’s always magic.


Graphic Design
& Video Creation

A budding engineer (mechanical, if you’d like to know), Jessica is like a sprinkle of zesty cayenne pepper. She does amazing graphics & video creation.


Director of Whimsy
& Fitness Coach

Our beloved rescue mascot, Bronx added a whimsical quality to the operations…and people of PFR. We lost him to cancer. He is missed everyday 💖


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