The Temple of Kahrnahrgx

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The Temple of Kahrnahrgx

This really is Joel’s first novel. It’s rare. It’s collectible. And there aren’t many left. Get yours today!

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The Temple of Kahrnahrgx

This really is Joel’s first novel. The reason there’s a reboot is because enough people found the title intimidating that, with some professional guidance, changes were made. These included a new cover, new title and a pen name. Otherwise, the story is exactly the same.

So why would you want one of these exceedingly rare books? Well, because they’re rare. And they have a beautiful cover. We love it, still. Owning one of these editions will qualify you for The Gargoyle Chronicles geek status.

Imagine how much it will be worth when Hollywood buys the rights the story line? Right? And the thing is still this: the original version garnered Top 10 in the Idaho Book Awards. So even with what some deemed to be a difficult title, the judges really liked this book.

And it’s on sale! Inventory is low, so if you want a signed edition, order right away!

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