When Speaking With Relevance Matters


When your organization has a specific focus to address or perhaps an already chosen conference theme, we’re happy to develop a customized speaking presentation. Check out a sampling below.

So Many Choices

Business Speaking

Business | Keynote | Sales Orgs | Groups/Clubs


Given Joel’s extensive speaking experience, from small groups to several thousand, you may wish to hear one of his industry specific popular topics. Download his Speaker One-Sheet for more information.

Women’s Gatherings | Moms Retreats | Moms & Daughters

Janet’s highly engaging style of presenting, by integrating music into her speaking, is always a favorite of her audiences.


Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Conferences | Churches | Schools


When it comes to ministry topics, both Janet and Joel can bring wit and wisdom from more than 15 years combined full-time, in the trenches experience (and tents, lock-ins, retreats, ridiculously long van rides, etc.).

Let’s Connect


Fees range from $750 to $5,000, plus travel and lodging.

We’re happy to discuss your budget needs. Flights are coach from Boise, Idaho.

Contact us directly: speaking@prepareforrain.com

Some Of Our Speaking Locations

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