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Storytelling and Singing

Storytelling | Singing | Empowering

Janet Lund is an accomplished singer, songwriter, storyteller, and speaker. Her audiences, large and small, span North America and reach to Norway.

When you ask her to speak to your company, women’s group, organization, or bible study, she will take you on a journey. Her presentation may start off with tales spun as being her own, but by the end you’ll find yourself right in the middle of them! And then you’ll realize they’re your story.

Janet’s goal is to inspire, empower, and connect with people…to their own story and to the abundant world around them. There are individuals in this world that need to know they are not alone in their experiences, that they too have value, and a meaningful purpose. The world needs to hear their story. Janet shows them how while at the same time deeply connecting with them herself.

She says, “It is by sharing our stories with each other we can help each other see our strengths and discover ways we can all make a difference in our world!”

Here are a few comments from her fans…

Janet your music evoked vivid images of great memories with my family and friends. Every piece captures moments that touch our hearts and bring important messages for life. “I like listening to everybody’s stories” you said. You have a special way to bring the stories alive through your singing. Thank you for sharing your stories and shining on ours at the same time. (Ayako N.)

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Janet Lund just two weeks before I was to host a retreat for entrepreneurial women pursuing their passion. We met and within moments I knew she needed to bring her music to the event. Janet is keenly aware of the struggles women face in their many roles and her music reflects the understanding beautifully. Through her stories and music Janet led the retreat guests through a heartfelt journey of tears and laughter that made a memorable impression on each of us! (Jen J.)

Janet has a comfortable voice that feels like an old friend. Her music is smooth and uplifting for people of all ages, but especially women. I love the stories she tells in each and every song. Highly recommended. (Misshaven)

Janet Lund, your muse-ic at our retreat was both icing and cake. Thank you so much for all the lovely music memories and for sharing & singing & shining your heart out to us through the weekend. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with you! (Sora)

I love this music! Janet and her music is witty, genuine, beautiful, and down to earth. When I first heard her music I told my husband he needed to hear it too. he and I have very different music days and he LOVES her music as well. He swears she sounds like Carole King. I’ve had the privilege of listening to her performance truly entertaining thought-provoking and beautiful it stirs your heart thank you Janet for sharing your beautiful gifts! (Lynn G.)

To get more information about booking Janet for her unique brand of speaking-performance, send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll be in touch soon.

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