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Youth Ministry Conferences

Microphone in FistIt’s About The Story

Whether your group, church or school has a theme already chosen, or you want to plug in one of our popular topics, we are excited to help you create a memorable time together. We’re about changing lives.

Because Janet and Joel have over 15 years of full-time church work experience, we’ve shared with groups large and small. We’re delighted with sharing with whatever group you have. You may wish to hear  one of these popular topics (just a sampler here):



gate-wooden-1Build Fences to Open the Gate to Thriving Ministry

People in ministry are “givers.” In fact, their selflessness may be the foundation upon which they intend to build their ministry. But what if that impulse instead becomes an anchor that slows or stops growth? Discover how tending your relational fences will actually enhance value and meaning in your ministry, allowing you to thrive.


fork in the roadThe Road to Ministry Perfection or Perdition?

Youth ministers (any minister, really) lean towards perfectionism. They want the best for their kids…to make a difference. Isn’t it ironic that this strong desire can inhibit the very thing they seek? We’ll sensitively explore the good, bad and ugly about this culturally-driven desire and find the truth on the road less traveled: imperfection.


RefreshedPrepare For Rain

Everyone experiences difficult periods in their lives. Some thrive while many struggle. Why is that? Is there something that gets in the way? It’s been said that success leaves clues. Wouldn’t it also be true that failure does, too? We’ll become sleuths and ferret out those clues, positive and negative, and break open the case for better outcomes.


www.thesocialleader.comAbundant Living Versus a Life of Abundance

If the American Dream is built on the foundation of a life of abundance, then why do so many live with a deep sense of scarcity? At almost a molecular level, we’re indoctrinated to believe that a full life is measured by possessions (life of abundance), rather than by characteristics (abundant living). We’ll peel away the curtain, exposing the Wizard of Ahs!


Homer philosophyThe Gospel of Homer

Homer Simpson declares, “Trying is the first step towards failure.” We laugh because it’s funny. It’s funny because we know that some people believe that sentiment is true. But what if that person is us? And what if we’re not aware that’s us getting in our own way? We’ll provide the 3 power-steps for success.


Flying monkeyThe Fine Art of Monkey Chucking

Whether your work world is corporate or non-profit, secular or sacred, there is a common “zoo-like” thread weaving through it all: monkey business. Responsibilities are like monkeys, and people either deal with their “monkey” or try to chuck it to someone else. A new take on an age-old problem, discover tested solutions for taming wild monkeys.


DOWNLOAD Grade Your Ministry Expectations:

GRADE your EXPECTATIONS – Group Magazine article


Our speaking fees generally range from $750 to $5,000+, plus travel and lodging. Flights are coach from Boise, Idaho. However, if you’re struggling with a tight budget, let us know. We’ll do our best to work out something that works for everyone. Contact us directly: [email protected]

Some Of The Places We’ve Spoken

Some of our speaking locations

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