Message in a (Beer) Bottle

Message in a (Beer) Bottle

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“Message in a bottle”

It’s been the stuff of iconic songs, heart-tugging movies, books, numerous businesses…and real life. So far, the oldest known message in a bottle was found in late-summer, 2012. The bottle was set adrift in 1914, as part of an experiment about ocean currents, along with about 1,900 other bottles. No deep meaning or romantic quality accompanied that message. Just instructions on who to contact. Odds are that the department and officials expecting news were not still waiting 98 years later.

So, imagine my surprise and wonder to receive my own message in a bottle! Especially since all I had to do was pull it from the refrigerator, instead of from the wintry sea. We’re over 500 miles from the nearest ocean. But there it was! The Deschutes Brewing Company had enclosed a message to me, within their excellent seasonal and festive “Jubelale” beer:


Nice! So thoughtful! But how could they know? Perhaps the good brewmeisters at Deschutes are like Santa, and know not only who has been naughty and nice, but also who has been brave and timid. Strange as it may seem, I actually smiled at the message. The past 12 months have been exceptionally challenging–and scary–in terms of major life-transitions: I left a company I’d been with for 14 years and leapt full-time into a new entrepreneurial business, and found success along the way. Foremost was obtaining a long-held dream of getting published (which happened twice), as well as being recognized and awarded as an author (also twice). Nevertheless, it’s been almost astonishing to me how much bravery the past year has required of me. Lots of fretting. Lots.

Bravery As A Goal

As we move into the new year, consider this: according to research, typical New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by January 21st. Of the same year! In other words, many of our resolutions are tossed before the end of the new year’s first month.

Perhaps our top goal for this year could be: to be more brave.

Seems worthy of our commitment, don’t you think? If we can dig deep enough to find some bravery!

Spend a little time chasing down great quotes about bravery. It’ll do you good. Really. Good. Here’s one for you to mull over:

Success is not final,

failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts.

― Winston S. Churchill


What’s been your experience? Do you consider yourself brave? Do others?

Engage here.

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