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How a Simple Shopping Trip Turned Into Mission Impossible

~Janet’s Blog

But, it was all planned out…

The mission was going according to plan.

You had it all worked out. Chores: done. Errands: done. Dinner plans: done.

You are ready for a day of shopping with your precious daughter. A girl date. What could be better than mother-daughter bonding, right?

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Bullying Isn’t Just for Kids

~Janet’s Blog

Bullying Is For Grown-Ups, too

There was nothing special about that Wednesday night. Joel and I were out with our dog. Bronx loves his walks. And we love to talk through the day and relax.

Little did we know we were about to cross paths with a bike rider out on a mission of hate.

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Insights From An Empty Nester

5 Ways to Enhance Your Relationship With Your Child No Matter What Their Age Is!

By Janet Lund

In my blog Change Is Here, Ready Or Not, Part 2, I addressed the importance of listening to your college students tone of voice. The President of NNU made it very clear to us that it is important for us to listen for the difference between “the scraped elbow and the broken bone kind of pain.” This is key to knowing when you need to get involved by contacting adults on campus who can help your child through the situation.

Listening is key throughout your entire relationship with your kids.

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