Love Touches

Love Touches

Love Touches Everything

“Love Touches”

This is a love song I wrote for my hubby several years ago.  It was either an anniversary gift or a valentine, I can’t quite remember.  Anyway, although it is a “love song,” it wasn’t written during a time when we were really feeling especially connected or even romantic.  Things were actually very difficult!

The chronic pain in my hands was at its worst. It forced me to end my Youth Ministry career. It was only then that I realized how much of my identity was tied in my job. Rediscovering my value as a person and a stay-at-home mom was a challenge. Especially since some of my job required me to do things I couldn’t do very well anymore.  I felt useless.

Living with me was like riding a roller coaster, moment to moment.   I would be exceptionally depressed and then become overjoyed when I would write part of a new song. Poor guy never knew what I was going to be like. Frankly, I didn’t either.

Joel also had to carry the great burden of being the sole bread winner after almost 7 years of sharing it. Plus, I was spending money on doctors appointments often, trying to figure what was wrong with me.

To top it off our precious little lady, whom we love and adore, saved her terrible two’s for the thrashing threes.  She was very big and strong and I was not!  Oi!

In the midst of all this, I felt compelled to write Joel a love song.  Somehow, in the midst of all the stress and tears I was able to see what was still good and true about our relationship.

Even in the Midst of Pain

The first verse is about how I experience his love at its finest.  When we would have a brief break from parenting and enjoy a shared giggle…or if we were really lucky, when we would go on an actual “date”!  Thank goodness, we had those moments often enough to weather the tough stuff.

The second verse is about how I long for him to experience me at my finest.  Every day it is my hope that I can cheer Joel on into his new day feeling supported and loved.  He’s the love of my life, why wouldn’t I want to cheer him on?   Unfortunately, my own pain and resentment about the pain would often spill into my interactions with Joel, tainting all that was good.  It was difficult.

In the midst of all this I chose to find hope, truth and love.

Singing this song helps me remember how much we’ve been through and I thank God for helping us make it to the other side…together! More than once.

Have you and your spouse experienced some painful times?  Where did you go to find strength and encouragement?  What helped you two make it through?  Prayer can make a difference.  Give it a whirl sometime.  You just might be surprised.

Add to the conversation below. We’ll be glad you did.

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