How to Protect Your Life’s Purpose from “Black Crabs”

How to Protect Your Life’s Purpose from “Black Crabs”

There Be Trolls

By Joel Lund

Smart businesses routinely use surveys to obtain feedback and learn what’s working with their audience and what’s not. Otherwise, all of the company’s effort could be misfiring, resting on a foundation of hopium.  So, trying to be smart about growing our business, we sent a simple survey out to our e-newsletter recipients. After waiting for a notification that people were taking the survey, we finally realized that because we used the free version of SurveyMonkey we wouldn’t receive alerts when people used it (OK, note to self). So I logged onto our account to see if anyone had.

Sure enough, a few people did. Yay! Really good feedback and engagement greeted me. Or so I thought. Skimming through the graphical analysis, my eye was drawn to the bottom of the page, where the comment section was. One person had opted to leave a comment and titled it, May God continue to bless your efforts!”

Except that’s not what they meant. At. All.

Which makes this the most difficult blog I’ve ever written. (more…)

11 Things We Learned From Failure

11 Things We Learned From Failure

Or…Some Lessons Are More Expensive Than Others

Joel’s Blog

[This blog first appeared September 27, 2015]

If you have been following along the past few months, you know we have been winding down operations at the office suite we’ve occupied for the past year. In a few days, our business operations will be run from our dual home office. Janet’s recording studio is upstairs. My coaching (and writing) office is downstairs.

To say it has been a “learning experience” kind of doesn’t even get close to it. “Failure” does. (more…)

Change Is Here, Ready Or Not

Change Is Here, Ready Or Not

CHANGE is here. Boy is it ever!


Change, sometimes the unwelcome visitor, turns our world upside down and hurls us out of our comfort zone.

Change, even when it is invited, still shakes us up and causes stress.

Our family has been anticipating and is now going through significant changes. The greatest, most impactful change has been having our one and only child, a daughter, whom we were never supposed to have in the first place, move out of our house and into her college dorm room. (more…)

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