Who Let the Blogs Out!?!

Who Let the Blogs Out!?!

I tip my hat to my niece, Abby, for this title. During our recent family reunion, she and I broke out in song–Who Let The Dogs Out? We had lots of woofs together. It was great!

This blog isn’t about that song, though it provided a morphed title: who let the blogs out? OK, it’s a reach maybe. But blogs are about communicating. Writing great blogs is hard. But then (drum roll, please), communicating is hard. Period.

My song Highs and Lows was written specifically for the Lund side of the family but, truly, it is something we can all relate to:

Being a family can be a challenge.

No matter how you became a part of the family—whether by birth or marriage—you have become part of a bigger entity.  With that comes the expectation that you will grow to care about these new people in your life.  Loving each other, getting along, supporting each other can be hard when we find ourselves…not liking each other.  The biggest culprit that most often complicates the “liking” is (drum roll, please) communication.

Joel and I have taught our daughter over the years that communicating is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  What is said and what is meant don’t always coincide.  Also, what is said and what is heard by the listener may differ. 

Sometimes, there are emotions that are tied to certain words, referred to as “buttons” in the counseling world.  Sometimes, it’s just the way something is said that may complicate the whole message.

Worrying about communicating well with others can tie you up in knots, if you let it.

Well, this weekend we were on a mission to celebrate an extra special family reunion.  We gathered to celebrate Grandma’s birthday (a.k.a., “Mams”).

We prayed a lot before the trip.  Often, I use the phrase, “You make plans and then life happens.”  Well, on this trip I would have to change it to, “You make plans and then God happens.”

Mams got to celebrate her birthday with all her family minus one family member-to-be. Truly, an amazing accomplishment.  Yea, team!

Choosing a positive attitude prepared me to think through, “I love these people.  We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but who does?  I choose to approach this event as a new day.”

So, whether it’s about blogs, dogs or just plain communicating, there’s always room for a positive attitude.

What do you do to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a family gathering or a significant event in your life? Add to the conversation. We’ll be glad you did.