3 Reasons I Voted

3 Reasons I Voted


In honor of the 2012 Presidential election, here’s a question for you: Why vote?

Really. Why bother?

In my social media streams, it’s been noteworthy how many people declared their intent to not vote. Generally, this was their way of protesting what they didn’t like about this election cycle. Don’t get me wrong. There was a LOT not to like. It feels like we’ve reached new heights or, more accurately, new lows for mud-slinging, nastiness of tone, abject cartooning of the opposition, loads of straw-man argumentation, extreme loopiness of logic and obscene expense.

Except, we haven’t. With the exception of obscene expense, of course. The amount of money spent of this election’s campaign is nothing short of grotesque. But in every other facet, the American public has seen at least as bad, if not worse. We’ve just lost a historical perspective. Look at some of the earliest presidential contests. You’ll be stunned. Perspective is very useful.

3 Reasons

So, why vote? Because you seek to:

  1. make your voice heard,
  2. your thoughts matter and
  3. your influence felt.

Whoever you voted for (or against), whatever issues you supported (or didn’t), what I hope we all see–and fight to obtain–is the political embrace of compromise. Even if you didn’t vote, at least engage in this goal. Because this polarization of viewpoint and ideology idolatry has got to stop. For the sake of our country’s longevity…and the rest of the world. There’s too much at stake. For everyone.

I voted for that.

Engage here. What are your thoughts about voting? What do you want to see happen in the next 4 years? What are you willing to do to achieve it?

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