5 Reasons Why You Should Change Careers Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Careers Now

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And Why No One Will Miss You

Look! There’s a parable in that stream!

A few years ago I heard a modern-day parable about the relevance of our careers. It’s been impossible to forget.

There were two men strolling beside a burbling stream. Both had long careers. One man confided in the other about his internal conflict over his work, because it had become, at best, stale and predictable. At worst, it was full of strife, long hours and made him feel valueless. Deep in his heart, he knew that his passion called him in a new direction, but his current position had brought income, security, even prestige. And, he said, “If I left my company now, I would lose the stability my status affords me. And I would leave my colleagues in a difficult situation.”

His friend pointed at the stream and smiled. “Follow me, watch and learn.” Squatting next to the stream’s edge, he leaned over the flowing water and pushed his hand into the stream bed until it was completely covered by pebbles and mud. “Now, observe,” he said, pulling his buried hand straight up out of the cold, murmuring stream.

What came next surprised me. (more…)

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