No: How To Stop Being Overly Responsible

No: How To Stop Being Overly Responsible

~Janet’s Blog

No, no, no!


“No, you can’t have another piece of candy.”

“No, you can’t play until you have your chores done.”

“No” applied to any number of things I cared about.

I think back to being a kid and remember this, one of the most disappointing of words, “No!”

When my parents or teachers said “No” it often meant I put an abrupt kibosh on some delightful plan I had come up with. So, I would quietly think to myself, “When I’m an adult I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.”

However, adulthood quickly taught me that “the land of milk and honey” (aka adulthood) was not quite the tasty feast of freedom I originally thought. (more…)

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