Time, The Gift We Continually Throw Away

Time, The Gift We Continually Throw Away

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The following is an excerpt from our upcoming book, Prepare For Rain; The Ten Essential Steps for Creating the Life You Want. 

it’s your time

Often, we’re so busy making mistakes we don’t have time to notice them.

Other times, we’re so afraid of making a mistake we freeze. We play it safe. We convince our self that “It’s not the right time. Not yet. I’ll get to that later. You know, when (something undefined and vague) happens.”

That’s our story, too. So you won’t get any judgment from us.

Hardly. (more…)

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

You Better Get Going

By Janet Lund

Greetings and salutations! I hope your 2016 has been filled with many a good time so far.

If it’s been more of a bumpy ride, well, we get it.


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